English to
to accomplish Oysfirn
to accuse Bashuldikn
to advance Firbrengen
to advise Eytsn
to allow Derloybn
to answer Entfern
to appeal Apelirn
to applaud Aplodirn
to argue Taynen
to arrange Aynordenen
to arrest Arestirn
to arrive Onkumen
to ask Fregn
to assure Farzikhern
to attack Bafaln
to attract Tsutsien
to avoid Oysmaydn
to await Dervartn
to awaken Oyfvekn
to bake Bakn
to bark Biln
to bathe Bodn
to be Zayn
to be alive Lebn
to get drunk Shikern
to beg Betlen
to begin Onheybn
to believe Gleybn
to belong Gehern
to bend Beygn
to betray Farratn
to better Farbesern
to bite Baysn
to bleach Bleykhn
to bleed Blutikn
to bless Bentshn
to bloom Blien
to blot Opklekn
to blow Blozn
to boil Zidn
to borrow Antlayen
to borrow Borgn
to break Brekhn
to bribe Unterkoyfn
to bring Brengen
to broil Brotn
to build Boyen
to burn Brenen
to burn Farbrenen
to burst Platsn
to bury Bagrobn
to buy Aynkoyfn
to call Rufn
to call out Oysshrayen
to calm Baruikn
to capture Fangen
to caress Gletn
to carouse Hulyen
to carry Trogn
to carry out Durkhfirn
to catch Khapn
to change Baytn
to change clothes Iberton
to cheat Opnarn
to choke Dershtikn
to clap Klapn
to clean Oysreynikn
to clean Reynikn
to climb Aroyfkrikhn
to close Farmakhn
to close Shlisn
to clothe Bakleydn
to collapse Umfaln
to color Farbn
to come Kumen
to compare Farglaykhn
to complain Baklogn
to confine Bagrenetsn
to confirm Bashtetikn
to consider Batrakhtn
to cook Kokhn
to count Tseyln
to cover Badekn
to create Bashafn
to creep Krikhn
to cross Aribergeyn
to cry Veynen
to cultivate Hodeven
to curse Farshiltn
to curse Shiltn
to curse Zidlen
to cut Shnaydn
to dance Tantsn
to decide Bashlisn
to decorate Baputsn
to decorate Batsirn
to decrease Farklenern
to delay Farhaltn
to delight Derfreyen
to demand Fodern
to deny Leykenen
to depart Avekgeyn
to desire Farlangen
to devour Fresn
to dictate Diktirn
to die (animal) Peygern
to dig Grobn
to disappoint Antoyshn
to discard Aroysvarfn
to discard Avekvarfn
to discover Oysgefinen
to dismiss Opzogn
to distort Farkrimen
to distribute Farteyln
to divide Tseteyln
to do Ton
to drag Shlepn
to drain Optsapn
to dress Onton
to drink Trinken
to drive Traybn
to drive around Arumforn
to drive away Avekforn
to drive out Aroystraybn
to drive/ride Forn
to dry Trikenen
to earn Fardinen
to eat Esn
to eavesdrop Unterhern
to elect Derveyln
to embarrass Farsemen
to embrace Arumnemen
to end Endikn
to endure Fartrogn
to endure Oyshaltn
to enlarge Fargresern
to enter Arayngeyn
to entertain Farvayln
to erect Oyfshteln
to excuse Antshuldikn
to explain Derklern
to extend Greykhn
to fade Blyakirn
to fall Faln
to fall through Durkhfaln
to fast Fastn
to feel Tapn
to figure Rekhenen
to filter Zayen
to find Gefinen
to fish Fishn
to fly Flien
to forget Fargesn
to forgive Shenken
to free Bafrayen
to fry Preglen
to gather Zamlen
to gaze Onkuken
to get Krign
to get lost Blondzhen
to give Gebn
to give out Aroysgebn
to go Geyn
to go down Untergeyn
to grasp Onkhapn
to greet Bagrisn
to grind Tsemoln
to grow Vaksn
to growl Vortshen
to grumble Burtshen
to guarantee Garantirn
to guard Hitn
to halt Opshteln
to hand Derlangen
to hang Hengen
to happen Pasirn
to have Hobn
to heal Heyln
to hear Hern
to heat Heytsn
to heat Varemen
to help Helfn
to hide Bahaltn
to hit Shlogn
to hold Haltn
to hop Hopken
to hope Hofn
to hug Haldzn
to inform Onzogn
to insult Baleydikn
to interpret Oystaytshn
to introduce Bakenen
to introduce Forshteln
to invite Farbetn
to iron Presn
to join Bahelfn
to joke Vitslen
to judge Paskenen
to jump Shpringen
to justify Barekhtikn
to kick Briken
to kill Derhargenen
to kill Hargenen
to kindle Ontsindn
to kiss Kushn
to know Visn
to laugh Lakhn
to lay Leygn
to lead Firn
to leak Oysrinen
to leak Rinen
to learn Lernen
to leave out Oyslozn
to lend Antlayen
to lend Layen
to lessen Farminern
to let in Araynlozn
to lick Lekn
to lift Heybn
to lift Oyfheybn
to live Voynen
to lock Farshlisn
to lose Farlirn
to love Libn
to mail Aroyshikn
to manage Onfirn
to mature Oyfvaksn
to meet Bagegenen
to meet Trefn
to mend Tsireven
to mislead Farfirn
to mix Tsemishn
to moisten Aynnetsn
to mourn Troyern
to move Rirn
to nap Dremlen
to need Darfn
to neglect Farlozn
to notice Bamerkn
to obey Folgn
to occupy Farnemen
to open Efenen
to overlook Farfeln
to overlook Farkukn
to own Farmogn
to pack Aynpaken
to pack Pakn
to pay Batsoln
to pay Tsoln
to peel Sheyn
to perform Oyftretn
to permit Lozn
to pick Oysklaybn
to plan Planeven
to play Shpiln
to please Gefeln
to pluck Flikn
to poison Farsamen
to polish Polirn
to postpone Opleygn
to pour Gisn
to pour Ongisn
to praise Loybn
to pray Davenen
to predict Foroyszogn
to press Drikn
to prevent Farhitn
to print Drukn
to prohibit Farvern
to promise Tsuzogn
to protect Bashitsn
to prove Bavayzn
to prove Dervayzn
to pull Tsien
to rain Regenen
to read Leyenen
to receive Bakumen
to recognize Derkenen
to recommend Rekomendirn
to reconsider Iberklern
to recover Tsurikkrign
to release Oplozn
to remain Blaybn
to remember Gedenken
to remind Dermonen
to rent Dingen
to repair Farrikhtn
to request Betn
to rest Opruen
to restrain Aynhaltn
to return Tsurikkumen
to rip Raysn
to rise Oyfshteyn
to rub Raybn
to run Loyfn
to run away Antloyfn
to satisfy Bafridikn
to save a life Ratevn
to scream Gvaldeven
to se Zen
to sell Farkoyfn
to send Shikn
to send away Avekshikn
to set down Avekleygn
to shave Razirn
to shear Shern
to shiver Tsitern
to shoot Shisn
to shorten Farkirtsn
to show Vayzn
to sigh Ziftsn
to sing Zingen
to sit Zitsn
to slap Patshn
to sleep Shlofn
to smash Tsebrekhn
to smear Shmirn
to smell Shmekn
to smile Shmeykhln
to smoke Reykhern
to smoke Roykhn
to smooth Oysgletn
to soak Aynveykn
to soak Veykhn
to spank Opshmaysn
to sparkle Finklen
to speak Redn
to spill Fargisn
to spread Farshpreytn
to steal Bagazlen
to steal Ganvenen
to step Tretn
to stop Ophaltn
to stop Oyfhern
to straighten Oysglykhen
to substitute Farbaytn
to suffer Laydn
to suggest Forshlogn
to summon Aroysrufn
to supply Farzogn
to suppress Farshtikn
to swallow Aynshlingen
to swallow Shlingen
to sweat Shvitsn
to sweep Oyskern
to swindle Bashvindlen
to take in Araynnemen
to taste Farzukhn
to tax Bashtayern
to tell Dertseyln
to thank Danken
to think Trakhtn
to throw Varfn
to tickle Kitslen
to tie Bindn
to tire Farmatern
to touch Tshepn
to trade Handlen
to trmple Tsetretn
to trust Getroyen
to try Pruvn
to turn Dreyen
to type Tipirn
to uncover Oydekn
to understand Bagrayfn
to understand Farshteyn
to undress Oyston
to unload Aropvarfn
to urinate Pishn
to visit Bazukhn
to vomit Oysbrekhn
to wake Vekn
to want Veln
to warn Vorenen
to wash Vashn
to waste Patern
to weigh Opvegn
to weigh Vegn
to whip Shmaysn
to whistle Fayfn
to win Gevinen
to wink Vinken
to wipe Vishn
to wish Vintshn
to withdraw Tsuriktsien
to work Arbetn
to worry Daygen
to wound Farvundikn
to wrap Aynviklen
to yawn Genetsn
tolose Onvern
toto return Umkern
Yiddish to English
Antlayen to borrow
Antlayen to lend
Antloyfn to run away
Antoyshn to disappoint
Antshuldikn to excuse
Apelirn to appeal
Aplodirn to applaud
Arayngeyn to enter
Araynlozn to let in
Araynnemen to take in
Arbetn to work
Arestirn to arrest
Aribergeyn to cross
Aropvarfn to unload
Aroyfkrikhn to climb
Aroysgebn to give out
Aroyshikn to mail
Aroysrufn to summon
Aroystraybn to drive out
Aroysvarfn to discard
Arumforn to drive around
Arumnemen to embrace
Avekforn to drive away
Avekgeyn to depart
Avekleygn to set down
Avekshikn to send away
Avekvarfn to discard
Aynhaltn to restrain
Aynkoyfn to buy
Aynnetsn to moisten
Aynordenen to arrange
Aynpaken to pack
Aynshlingen to swallow
Aynveykn to soak
Aynviklen to wrap
Badekn to cover
Bafaln to attack
Bafrayen to free
Bafridikn to satisfy
Bagazlen to steal
Bagegenen to meet
Bagrayfn to understand
Bagrenetsn to confine
Bagrisn to greet
Bagrobn to bury
Bahaltn to hide
Bahelfn to join
Bakenen to introduce
Bakleydn to clothe
Baklogn to complain
Bakn to bake
Bakumen to receive
Baleydikn to insult
Bamerkn to notice
Baputsn to decorate
Barekhtikn to justify
Baruikn to calm
Bashafn to create
Bashitsn to protect
Bashlisn to decide
Bashtayern to tax
Bashtetikn to confirm
Bashuldikn to accuse
Bashvindlen to swindle
Batrakhtn to consider
Batsirn to decorate
Batsoln to pay
Bavayzn to prove
Baysn to bite
Baytn to change
Bazukhn to visit
Bentshn to bless
Betlen to beg
Betn to request
Beygn to bend
Biln to bark
Bindn to tie
Blaybn to remain
Bleykhn to bleach
Blien to bloom
Blondzhen to get lost
Blozn to blow
Blutikn to bleed
Blyakirn to fade
Bodn to bathe
Borgn to borrow
Boyen to build
Brekhn to break
Brenen to burn
Brengen to bring
Briken to kick
Brotn to broil
Burtshen to grumble
Danken to thank
Darfn to need
Davenen to pray
Daygen to worry
Derfreyen to delight
Derhargenen to kill
Derkenen to recognize
Derklern to explain
Derlangen to hand
Derloybn to allow
Dermonen to remind
Dershtikn to choke
Dertseyln to tell
Dervartn to await
Dervayzn to prove
Derveyln to elect
Diktirn to dictate
Dingen to rent
Dremlen to nap
Dreyen to turn
Drikn to press
Drukn to print
Durkhfaln to fall through
Durkhfirn to carry out
Efenen to open
Endikn to end
Entfern to answer
Esn to eat
Eytsn to advise
Faln to fall
Fangen to capture
Farbaytn to substitute
Farbesern to better
Farbetn to invite
Farbn to color
Farbrenen to burn
Fardinen to earn
Farfeln to overlook
Farfirn to mislead
Fargesn to forget
Fargisn to spill
Farglaykhn to compare
Fargresern to enlarge
Farhaltn to delay
Farhitn to prevent
Farkirtsn to shorten
Farklenern to decrease
Farkoyfn to sell
Farkrimen to distort
Farkukn to overlook
Farlangen to desire
Farlirn to lose
Farlozn to neglect
Farmakhn to close
Farmatern to tire
Farminern to lessen
Farmogn to own
Farnemen to occupy
Farratn to betray
Farrikhtn to repair
Farsamen to poison
Farsemen to embarrass
Farshiltn to curse
Farshlisn to lock
Farshpreytn to spread
Farshteyn to understand
Farshtikn to suppress
Farteyln to distribute
Fartrogn to endure
Farvayln to entertain
Farvern to prohibit
Farvundikn to wound
Farzikhern to assure
Farzogn to supply
Farzukhn to taste
Fastn to fast
Fayfn to whistle
Finklen to sparkle
Firn to lead
Firbrengen to advance
Fishn to fish
Flien to fly
Flikn to pluck
Fodern to demand
Folgn to obey
Forn to drive/ride
Foroyszogn to predict
Forshlogn to suggest
Forshteln to introduce
Fregn to ask
Fresn to devour
Ganvenen to steal
Garantirn to guarantee
Gebn to give
Gedenken to remember
Gefeln to please
Gefinen to find
Gehern to belong
Genetsn to yawn
Getroyen to trust
Gevinen to win
Geyn to go
Gisn to pour
Gletn to caress
Gleybn to believe
Greykhn to extend
Grobn to dig
Gvaldeven to scream
Haldzn to hug
Haltn to hold
Handlen to trade
Hargenen to kill
Helfn to help
Hengen to hang
Hern to hear
Heybn to lift
Heyln to heal
Heytsn to heat
Hitn to guard
Hobn to have
Hodeven to cultivate
Hofn to hope
Hopken to hop
Hulyen to carouse
Iberklern to reconsider
Iberton to change clothes
Khapn to catch
Kitslen to tickle
Klapn to clap
Kokhn to cook
Krign to get
Krikhn to creep
Kumen to come
Kushn to kiss
Lakhn to laugh
Laydn to suffer
Layen to lend
Lebn to be alive
Lekn to lick
Lernen to learn
Leyenen to read
Leygn to lay
Leykenen to deny
Libn to love
Loybn to praise
Loyfn to run
Lozn to permit
Onfirn to manage
Ongisn to pour
Onheybn to begin
Onkhapn to grasp
Onkuken to gaze
Onkumen to arrive
Onton to dress
Ontsindn to kindle
Onvern tolose
Onzogn to inform
Ophaltn to stop
Opklekn to blot
Opleygn to postpone
Oplozn to release
Opnarn to cheat
Opruen to rest
Opshmaysn to spank
Opshteln to halt
Optsapn to drain
Opvegn to weigh
Opzogn to dismiss
Oydekn to uncover
Oyfhern to stop
Oyfheybn to lift
Oyfshteln to erect
Oyfshteyn to rise
Oyftretn to perform
Oyfvaksn to mature
Oyfvekn to awaken
Oysbrekhn to vomit
Oysfirn to accomplish
Oysgefinen to discover
Oysgletn to smooth
Oysglykhen to straighten
Oyshaltn to endure
Oyskern to sweep
Oysklaybn to pick
Oyslozn to leave out
Oysmaydn to avoid
Oysreynikn to clean
Oysrinen to leak
Oysshrayen to call out
Oystaytshn to interpret
Oyston to undress
Pakn to pack
Pasirn to happen
Paskenen to judge
Patern to waste
Patshn to slap
Peygern to die (animal)
Pishn to urinate
Planeven to plan
Platsn to burst
Polirn to polish
Preglen to fry
Presn to iron
Pruvn to try
Ratevn to save a life
Raybn to rub
Raysn to rip
Razirn to shave
Redn to speak
Regenen to rain
Rekhenen to figure
Rekomendirn to recommend
Reykhern to smoke
Reynikn to clean
Rinen to leak
Rirn to move
Roykhn to smoke
Rufn to call
Shenken to forgive
Shern to shear
Sheyn to peel
Shikern to get drunk
Shikn to send
Shiltn to curse
Shisn to shoot
Shlepn to drag
Shlingen to swallow
Shlisn to close
Shlofn to sleep
Shlogn to hit
Shmaysn to whip
Shmekn to smell
Shmeykhln to smile
Shmirn to smear
Shnaydn to cut
Shpiln to play
Shpringen to jump
Shvitsn to sweat
Tantsn to dance
Tapn to feel
Taynen to argue
Tipirn to type
Ton to do
Trakhtn to think
Traybn to drive
Trefn to meet
Tretn to step
Trikenen to dry
Trinken to drink
Trogn to carry
Troyern to mourn
Tsebrekhn to smash
Tsemishn to mix
Tsemoln to grind
Tseteyln to divide
Tsetretn to trmple
Tseyln to count
Tshepn to touch
Tsien to pull
Tsireven to mend
Tsitern to shiver
Tsoln to pay
Tsurikkrign to recover
Tsurikkumen to return
Tsuriktsien to withdraw
Tsutsien to attract
Tsuzogn to promise
Umfaln to collapse
Umkern toto return
Untergeyn to go down
Unterhern to eavesdrop
Unterkoyfn to bribe
Vaksn to grow
Varemen to heat
Varfn to throw
Vashn to wash
Vayzn to show
Vegn to weigh
Vekn to wake
Veln to want
Veykhn to soak
Veynen to cry
Vinken to wink
Vintshn to wish
Vishn to wipe
Visn to know
Vitslen to joke
Vorenen to warn
Vortshen to growl
Voynen to live
Zamlen to gather
Zayen to filter
Zayn to be
Zen to see
Zidlen to curse
Zidn to boil
Ziftsn to sigh
Zingen to sing
Zitsn to sit

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