Words Spelled the Same in Yiddish and English, but Have Different Meanings

In Yiddish It Means
ale all
alter older
bald soon
ban train
band volume (book)
bank bench
bar pear
bay at, by
bet ask
bin am, bee
boy build
dank thank
dales poverty
dare thin
din thin
dine thin
diner servant
dire apartment
do here
dray three
elf eleven
eyer before
fang start
far for, before
felt missing
fest firm
fiber fever
fir four
firer leader
firn to drive
flit flies
flash bottle
for ride
fort rides
fray free
frier earlier
fun from
gal gall
gang walk, pace
gas street
gay go
gel yellow
get divorce
gist pours
glider limbs
got G-d
gram rhyme
grin green
grinder founder
grins vegetable
grist greets
grub pit
gut good
halt hold
hart hard
has hate
heft notebook
held hero
her hear
hey a letter
hint dogs
hinter behind
hits heat
host have
hot has
hunt dog
hut hat
ire her
kale bride
ken know, able
kern sweep
kiln to cool
kin chin
kind child
kinder children
kraft strength
lager camp
lamed a letter
last burden
late patch
lend hip
lets jester
lid song
limed subject
links left
linker leftist
lite Lithuania
lost permits
make plague
mark market
marsh march
me, men one, you
mel flour
mer carrot
mid tires
mire myrrh
mist garbage
nay new
nets wetness
nor only
nun a letter
nuts use
on without
past proper
pave peacock
pay pie
pots penis
rip rib
rod wheel
roman romance
rot council
roy raw
rum glory
sam poison
shames sexton
shin a letter
shit pour
shod shame
shrift font
sin a letter
sine hate
sod secret, orchard
take really
tap touch
tint ink
tip type
toes error
tog day
ton to do
top pot
torn permitted
tray faithful
trot footstep
trunk drink
tut does
vane bathtub
vent walls
vet will
vest will
volt would
yak jacket
yam sea
zen to see
zest sees
zig victory
zing sing
zinger singer

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