Words Spelled Differently, Have Different Meanings, but Pronounced the
Same in Yiddish and English

English Yiddish Yid. Meaning
A ey egg
ail eyl oil
align alayn alone
awn on without
bane beyn bone
bench bentsh bless
bison baysn bite
board, bored bord beard
build bild picture
buy, bye, by bay by, at
cane keyn going to
coo, coup ku cow
cook kuk look
court kort card
crook kruk hook
cumin kumen to come
cup kop head
cushion kushn kissing
D di the (f)
Dick dik thick
dine dayn your
dinner diner servant
do, dew, due du you
ear ir you
fear fir four
feel fil full
fell fel to miss
foil foyl lazy
free fri early
gain geyn to go
gate, gait geyt goes
gay gey go
grate, great greyt prepare
gut got G-d
haste heyst known as
hell hel blonde
hemmed hemd shirt
hub hob have
hut hot has
Kate keyt chain
key ki cows
kick kik look
knew, new nu so, well
knit nit not
light layt people
main meyn mean
mention mentshn people
mess mes corpse
mine mayn mine
mitt mit with
mitten mitn with them
moss mos measure
near nir kidney
nigh nay new
nine nayn no
pay pey letter P
rain reyn clean
riddle ridl shovel
rue ru rest
S es eat
share sher scissors
shine shayn pretty
teller teler plate
tire tayer dear
vein veyn cry
vine vayn wine
your yor year
Z zi she
Zion zayen to filter

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