Choose “A Favorite Letter or Sound”

My favorite is the KH sound like in the German ach or the Scottish Loch. The letters khes and khof both give this sound.

This is an activity that can be done at a club meeting as individuals or in small teams. It consists of 100 Yiddish words and their English equivalents. To the right of each Yiddish word place the number of the English word that is its equivalent.

Make copies for each person or group. You may give as much time as desired, with a minimum of 20 minutes. Tests have shown the following number of correct answers:

Beginners 25, Intermediate 45, Advanced 70

You can have a group choose and prepare its own list of 100 words from a favorite letter or sound and the English equivalents. It can then be used at a future meeting.

You should have several dictionaries available. There are dictionaries in transliteration.. They include:

A Yiddish Dictionary in Transliteration by Harry Coldoff - Canadian

The Yiddish Dictionary Sourcebook by Galvin and Tamarkin

Online lists inlcude:

Der Bay at:

Harkavy Y-E and E-Y

Click for KH Test Activity

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