Yiddish Words with Different Meanings

Akorsht A moment ago Just now
Antlayen Borrw Lend
Aroysgebn To betray To publish
Bak Cheek Bake
Bank Bank Bench
Beheyme Cow Fool
Bet Bed Ask
Bin Am Bee
Blat Leaf Sheet of Paper
Breyt Bread Broad
Din Thin Religios Law
Divan Rug Sofa
Druk Stress To Print
Es It Eat
Fartrogn To Endure Absent-Minded
Fayfn To Whistle To Hold in Contempt
Fus Foot Leg
Gel Yellow Pale
Grob Fat Thick
Hoykh High Loud
Ir Her You
Karg Stingy almost
Ken Know Able
Knekhl Ankle Knuckle
Lebn To Live Nearby
Me They Someone
Mer More Carrot
Nets Moisture Network
Nogl Nail Fingernail
Oder Or Vein
Orem Arm Poor
Oybn Above Upstairs
Oysenveynik Outside By Heart
Shenken To Donat To Forgive
Shtern Stars Forehead
Shteyn Stone To Stand
Shver Difficult Father-in-law
Sod Orchard Secret
Stimen To Agree To Vote
Trefn To Meet To Guess
Vegn About To Weigh
Yerid Uproar A Fair
Zayn His To Be
Zeyer Very Their
Zun Son Sun

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