International Association of Yiddish Clubs
10th Conference Updates

#1 IAYC Announces Its Exciting Tenth Conference -- July 6-9, 2006
#2 IAYC Tenth Conference Khidushim (Innovations)
#3 IAYC Conference Journal of Achievement
#4 IAYC Plenary Sessions at the Conference
#5 IAYC Marvelous Evening Entertainment
#6 IAYC Who's Who of Lectures/Workshops Presenters
#7 IAYC Conference Exhibitors and Vendors
#8 First IAYC Yiddish Lifetime Service Award
#9 IAYC Schedule of Events

The IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006
Schedule of Events

***   THURSDAY,  JULY 6th    ***


1:00 - 9:00 P.M. Registration


Films Will Be Shown Periodically.


Calligraphy Workshop, by Pre-reg. Only--Dr. Stephen Cohen


E designates English … Y designates Yiddish.



E  First Timers Orientation: 3:00 – 4:00 P.M.

       Philip Fishl Kutner: Program Chairman


6:00 P.M. Katz Family of Milwaukee Evening:


       Greetings & Introductions


Election of IAYC Board of Directors 2006 - 2007


  The Jewish Peoples Philharmonic Chorus

Binyumen Ben Schaechter: Conductor 

Steve Sterner:  Broadway Singer

James Bassi: Piano Accompanist


  Life & Songs of Seymour Rechtzeit

Mitch Smolkin & Zalmen Mlotek


  My Favorite Yiddish Songs

Phyllis Berk & Zalmen Mlotek


***   FRIDAY,  JULY 7th    ***


Plenary Session A:  9:00 - 10:15 A.M.


Yiddish of Greater Washington: Lerner Fund

Jonathan Sunshine: President

Helen Smolkin: Introduction

Y  Pionirn fun der yidisher folkloristik

           Professor Eugene Orenstein


Intermission:  10:15 - 10:45 A.M.


General Session I:  10:45 - 12:00 Noon


E  Yiddish/Hebrew Calligraphy Workshop

      Dr. Stephen Cohen

E/Y  Yiddish: When You are Losing Your Vision

       Pearl Lam

E  Tradition, Life & Love in the Shtetl

       Roslyn Bresnick Perry & Phyllis Berk

Y/E  Dealing with Slavic Words in Yiddish
Dr. Motl Rosenbush

Y/E  How To Sing In Yiddish So That It Sounds Like Yiddish

       Binyumen Schaechter

Y/E  Ni heym ni goles: lider funem land fun intsvishn

       Yermiyahu Ahron Taub


Lunch:  12:00 Noon – 2:00 P.M.

On Your Own: Hotel or Downtown Teaneck


General Session II:  2:00 – 3:15 P.M.


Y  Oysgeblozn fun finger: mir shafn a nay folkslid

       Prof. Raphael Finkel

E/Y  Yiddish Songs: 1850-1939,

       Bob & Molly Freedman
E Yiddish Cinema: A Celebration of Jewish Life Part I
       Dr. Eric Goldman

Y/E Poetry & Song of Beyle Schaechter Gottesman
       Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

Y  Loshn koydesh iz nit hebreish

       Dr. Chava Lapin

E/Y  Yiddish Songs, Stories, Arts & Crafts

       Marcia Gruss Levinson

Intermission:  3:15 - 3:45 P.M.


General Sessions III:  3:45 – 5:00 P.M.


Y  Lezikorn yoysef buloff un liuba kadison, z"l

       Shane Baker
Y/E  Yidishe shpiln far der gantser mishpokhe

       Kolye Borodulin

E/Y  The Classical Yiddish Writers: Were They Secular Humanists?    

Rabbi Marc Samuels

E  Yiddish Cinema: A Celebration of Jewish Life      

Dr. Eric Goldman Part II

E  The Bintel Briv in 2006

       Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe


Announcement of the Michael Baker Memorial Scholarships

• Paul Melrood: IAYC President

Introduction of the 2006 Recipients

• Roz Baker: IAYC Vice President

Recipients of the 2006 Michael Baker Memorial Scholarships

• Asya Vaisman and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub


Shabes Blessings and Shabes Songs

  Cantor Hale Porter of Los Angeles


  Hester Street Troupe in Concert

  Cookie Blattman: The Tamarac Belle

  Yale Strom & Elizabeth Schwartz: Renowned Duo


***   SATURDAY,  JULY 8th     ***


Shabes Services:  7:00 A.M.


Plenary Session B:  9:15 - 10:30 A.M.



Dr. Zuni Zelitch, Past Chairman League for Yiddish


Y/E  Afn Shvel un ibern shvel: a yidish-

zhurnal vert 65

Prof. Sheva Zucker

Executive Director League for Yiddish


Intermission:  10:30 - 11:00 A.M.


General Session IV:  11:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.


Y/E  History’s Orphans: The Yizkor Book Story

       Dr. Jack Berger

E  What Was So Yiddish About the Yiddish Labor Movement?

       Prof. Hy Berman

E  How I Escaped the Holocaust and Became a Founder of the American Women's Movement.

       Sonia Pressman Fuentes

E/Y  Yiddish Theater from Purim to Broadway

       Troim Katz Handler

Y/E  Yidish komputeray—blits post un veb zaytlekh

       Shoshke-Rayzl Juni

IAYC Luncheon:  12:15 – 1:45 P.M.

In the Manhattan Room


General Session V:  1:45 - 3:00 P.M.


E/Y  Naye kveytn af an altn boym: New Yiddish Songs from Around The World

       Adrienne Cooper

E  Yiddish Theater’s Influence on Music & Culture in America

       Cantor Hale Porter

Y/E  Lomir shpiln teater: di khelemer naronim

       Hilda Rubin

E  Abe Cahan’s Jewish New York

       Dr. Philip Schoenberg

E  Doing Ethnographic Klezmer Research

in Eastern Europe

       Yale Strom & Elizabeth Schwartz


Intermission:  3:00 - 3:30 P.M.


General Session VI:  3:30 - 4:45 P.M.


Y/E  A Workshop for Translators

       Miriam Beckerman

E  The Amazing Rescue of the 6th Lubovitcher Rebbe by Nazi Soldiers--and Its Impact on Yiddish

       Frank Handler

E/Y  You Can Tell a Yiddish Children’s Magazine by Its Cover

       Naomi Kadar

E/Y  Yiddish Language & Songs of Modern Chasidic Women in NY & Jerusalem

       Asya Vaisman




Paul Melrood: IAYC, President


Peter Pepper: Workmen’s Circle, President


Recipient of the First IAYC

Lifetime Yiddish Service Award:

Chana Mlotek: Musicologist


Amol iz Geven A Mayse, by Joseph Mlotek


  Adrienne Cooper: Yiddish Diva

  Zalmen Mlotek: Folksbiene Exec. Dir.

  Robert Abelson: Baritone

  Phyllis Berk: Songstress


***   SUNDAY,  JULY 9th   ***


IAYC Business Meeting:  9:00 – 9:30 A.M


Announcement of IAYC Officers for 2006-7


Announcement of Next IAYC Confernce


Plenary Session C:  9:30 - 10:45 A.M.


The Yiddish Forward Hour


The Yiddish Forward: Today & Tomorrow


Dr. Barney Zumoff: Pres. Forward Association


  Sam Norich: Exec. Dir. Forward Association

  Boris Sandler: Editor

  Dr. Itzik Gottesman: Associate Editor

  Rukhl Schaechter: News Editor


Intermission:  10:45 - 11:15 P.M.


Plenary Session D:  11:15 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


Henrietta Wexler Hosts:

The Henrietta Wexler Hour


Mama’s Lokshn Kugel Performed by:


The Folksbiene Troupe


Zalmen Mlotek: Executive Director

         Leizer Burko

         Henrekh Carrey

         Motl Ditner: Director

         Elize Dorter

        Hinde-Rukhl Druck

         Miryem-Khaye Seigel




Last Issue Before the Conference
Chana Mlotek to be Honored

The first IAYC Yiddish Lifetime Service Award will be presented to Chana Gordon Mlotek at the Saturday Evening Workmen’s Circle Gala Banquet. It is in recognition of her achievements as a music archivist, researcher and writer.

With her late husband Yosl o”s she started a dynasty dedicated to Yiddish. It is carried on in her children and grandchildren. Her son Zalmen is Executive Director of the Folksbiene Yiddish Theater, and he will perform at the conference.

Chana is still dedicated to researching Yiddish music as a music archivist at YIVO. Along with Yosl, she started the column Perl fun der Yiddisher Poezie" ("Pearls of Yiddish Poetry"). This column still appears in the Forverts.

Perhaps she is best known for the trilogy of Yiddish songbooks: Mir Trogn a Gezang, Pearls of Yiddish Song and Songs of Generations. The last one includes a combined index of titles and first lines in all three songbooks.

The entire family has been active in Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter-Ring—Mark as President, and Yosl who held the position of Director of Education. The family still is active in the running of the only fraternal organization in the U.S. that actively fosters Yiddish language and culture

It is fitting that Chana Gordon Mlotek be the recipient of the First IAYC Yiddish Lifetime Achievement Award.

The excitement has been building as the day of the conference comes nearer and nearer. In each issue of Der Bay there were reports on various aspects of the IAYC conference. In the last issue the lectures/workshops were covered. Many of them will be entertainers, exhibitors or vendors. Your editor hopes that you honored your group/special person in the Conference Journal.

In addition to the 5 concurrent presentations going on in workshops and lectures we have added another one for each session. There will be the Hebrew/Yiddish calligraphy workshop which is the only session that requires pre-registration and also great new Yiddish films.

In the centerfold of this issue is the preliminary schedule of speakers and their topics with the time slots. It also includes the evening entertainment programs. 

The International Association of Yiddish Clubs Tenth Conference will be held on July 6-9, 2006 at the Glenpointe Marriott Hotel in Teaneck, NJ.

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The IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006
Exhibitors and Vendors

Miriam Beckerman
Phyllis Berk
Cookie Blattman
Charlotte Yiddish Institute
Congress for Jewish Culture
Creative Seminars
Der Bay

Ergo Media - Dr. Eric Goldman
Folksbiene Yiddish Theater
Forward Association
Sonia Fuentes
Troim Katz Handler
Hester Street Troupe
International Association of Yiddish Clubs
JCC Chicago Yiddish Institute
Jewish Braille Institute International
Jewish Peoples Philharmonic Chorus
The Judaica House
KlezKamp - Living Traditions
Sal Kluger - Simcha Sales
League for Yiddish
Marcia Gruss-Levinsohn
Marriott Teaneck Hotel at Glenpointe
Medem Bibliotheque
MinueMan Press of Somerville
National Yiddish Book Center
New York Talks and Walks
Roslyn Bresnick Perry
Binyumen Ben Schaechter
Shtetll of Chelm
Marius Sznajderman
Teaneck Taxi & Limousine Service
Tzfat Gallery
Vilnius Yiddish Institute
The Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring
Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Yale Strom & Elizabeth Schwartz
Yiddishe Kultur Farband
Dr. Sheva Zucker

The IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006
Who's Who of Lectures/Workshops Presenters


There will be 15 lectures/workshops/ Friday and also on Saturday. At each of the 3 sessions each day there will be 5 concurrent lectures/workshops. Several will have more than one presenter.

List of Presenters

Shane Baker – New York, NY
Miriam Beckerman – Toronto, Canada
Dr. Jack Berger – Mahwah, NJ
Prof. Hy Berman – Minneapolis, MN
Kolye Borodulin – Staten Island, NY
Dr. Stephen Cohen - East Windsor, NJ
Adrienne Cooper – New York City
Prof. Refoyl Finkel – Lexington, KY
Bob & Molly Freedman – Philadelphia, PA
Sonia Pressman Fuentes – Potomac, MD
Dr. Eric Goldman – Teaneck, NJ
Frank Handler – Monroe Township, NJ
Troim Handler – Monroe Township, NJ
Shoshke-Rayzl Juni – New York City
Naomi Kadar – Bedford, NY
Fishl Kutner – San Mateo, CA
Pearl Lam – New York City
Dr. Chava Lapin – Flushing, NY
Marcia Gruss Levinsohn – Silver Spring, MD
Roslyn Bresnick Perry – New York, NY
Cantor Hale Porter – Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Motl Rosenbush – Kensington, MD
Hilda Rubin – Rockville, MD
Rabbi Marc Samuels – Brookline, MA
Henry Sapoznik – New York, NY
Binyumen Schaechter – New York, NY
Dr. Philip Schoenberg – Fresh Meadows, NY
Shelby Shapiro – Bethesda, MD
Yale Strom – New York, NY
Dr. Max Ticktin – Washington, DC
Asya Vaisman – Arlington, VA
Ellen Wertheim – New York, NY
Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe – Syosset, NY

The IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006

Marvelous Evening Entertainment

In each issue, Der Bay reports on another phase of the IAYC conference. The last issue covered the special commemorative Conference Journal. Your editor hopes that you will give serious thought to honoring your group/special person and supporting the IAYC. Remember that all of the monthly updates are on the website.

Katz Family of Milwaukee Opening Night

• Jewish Peoples Philharmonic Chorus
       Premiere Yiddish Chorus  
       Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor

• Musical Review:
       Life & Songs of Seymour Rechtzeit
       Mitch Smolkin, Performer, Director
       Zalmen Mlotek, Piano Accompanist

• My Favorite Yiddish Songs
      Phyllis Berk, Songstress
      Zalmen Mlotek, Piano Accompanist

Mayses, Muzik un Mitsves

• Cantor Hale Porter, Shabes Blessings & Songs
    Los Angeles Based Singer   

• Hester Street Troupe in Concert
    #1 New Jersey Klezmer Group

• Cookie Blattman the Tamarac Belle

• Yale Strom & Elizabeth Schwartz
Exciting Duo in Performance

Workmen’s Circle Gala Banquet

• IAYC Lifetime Yiddish Achievement Award
• Paul Melrood: IAYC Pres., Presenter
• Chana Mlotek: Musicologist, Recipient
• Peter Pepper: Pres., Workmen’s Circle


• Adrienne Cooper, Yiddish Diva
• Zalmen Mlotek, Folksbiene, Exec Dir.
• Bob Abelson, Baritone
• Phyllis Berk, Songstress

IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006

The Exciting Plenary Sessions

Each month, Der Bay reports on another phase of the IAYC conference. Last month the special Tenth Conference Ad Journal was covered and your editor hopes that you gave serious thought to supporting the IAYC and honoring your group/special person.

This month the plenary or entire assembly sessions are covered. There will be four—one each morning with two on Sunday.

Friday, Prof. Eugene Orenstein opens the conference sessions as the keynote speaker delivering the Lerner Memorial Lecture. He is the distinguished professor of Yiddish and Jewish History at McGill University, Montreal. He has a dynamic presentation, and is a very popular speaker on the Yiddish Circuit. His appearances at IAYC conferences have had superior ratings. Prof. Orenstein’s topic is, “Pionirn fun der yidish-forshung”.

Saturday, Prof. Sheva Zucker will address the conference. She recently assumed the executive directorship from Prof. Mordkhe Schaechter, founder of The League for Yiddish. She is author of the well-known Yiddish I and II. Her topic is “Afn Shvel un ibern shvel: a yidish-zhurnal vert 65.”

The entire Sunday morning will be in plenary sessions. First, “The Yiddish Forward — Today and Tomorrow: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the World's Leading Yiddish Newspaper.” The Forward now is entering its 109th year. Be sure to visit their booth along with the array of over 20 other exhibitors/vendors

Participants include:

    Dr. Barney Zumoff: Pres. Forward Association
       •  Sam Norich: Executive Director of the Forward Association
           •  Boris Sandler: Editor of the Forward
           •  Dr. Itzik Gottesman: Associate Editor
           •  Rukhl Schaechter: News Editor

This will be followed by the Folksbiene Troupe in a not-to-be-missed program of 20-30 year-olds in Mama’s Loshn Kugel. The six performers are under the directorship of Motl Didner. It will be a rousing finale to the Tenth IAYC Conference.

IAYC 10th Conference:
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006

The Conference Journal of Achievement

The IAYC 2006 Conference is a very special one, for it marks the tenth time that this grassroots movement will have successfully brought together lovers in all areas of Yiddish language and culture. Because it is the only organization that has a different venue at each conference, it exposes a growing number of new and exciting attendees each time it meets. Approximately half are from outside of the local area as well as an increasing following of previous attendees.

The journal is a most cherished handout at any conference, for it has key information about the event. That is why it is so important for you and your group to be remembered both for historic and sentimental reasons.

When researchers and historians write about the significant people and organizations in any culture or industry, a primary source of information is the journal. This is especially so with those who note an important event. By marking its 10th conference, the IAYC now has arrived at a special spot on the Greater Yiddish Scene, and takes its place along with the other important, major Yiddish organizations.

Why might you consider having an ad in this IAYC Journal? Not only will the ad appear in the journal, but recognition also will be given in Der Bay. Your editor knows the importance of fostering this Yiddish group.

As a member of your Yiddish club, help it to be placed in the Journal of Achievement with other Yiddish groups. Honor your leaders or honor members who helped make your group possible.

As a member of a Yiddish organization, take pride in standing alongside the others in recognizing a very special occasion for a very special group helping to foster Yiddish.

As one who places a priority in the preservation and growth of our Yiddish Language and Culture, take pride in your name and your family for the future to see. It is an opportunity to mark the place for your special loved one to be remembered.

IAYC 10th Conference
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006
Khidushim (Innovations)

Last month The International Association of Yiddish Clubs announced its tenth conference. Each month, Der Bay will carry another feature article about this very special conference of a vibrant organization. This exemplifies what a vigorous, grassroots movement can do.

It is wonderful when one can create a khidesh, but multiplying it into several khidushim is exemplary—that is what IAYC will be doing.

This will be the first time that a first-rate hotel at a reasonable rate has been scheduled so close to the entertainment and cultural centers of New York City. A bus stops at the front door of the hotel and goes to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. It can make for a convenient and rewarding vacation.

The next khidesh is the greatly enlarged vendor/ exhibitor space in the lobby immediately outside of the Grand Ballroom where all the plenary sessions and evening entertainment will be held. It will feature a larger display of exhibits and merchandise than any of the previous IAYC conferences, and give an excellent opportunity for our lecture and workshop presenters to showcase their materials, as well other vendors.

A third khidesh is the Saturday morning optional Yiddish/Hebrew in-house shabes services. This will precede Dr. Sheva Zucker's plenary session lecture.

A fourth khidesh will occur at the Sunday morning session. In the past it had been composed of lectures and workshops. To encourage you to get the full benefit of the conference and perhaps extend your stay, the first plenary session is planned to be The Forward Hour, sponsored by the Forverts. This will be followed by the Folksbiene Troupe which will entertain us until the closing ceremonies.

IAYC Announces Its Exciting 10th Conference
Teaneck, New Jersey • July 6-9, 2006
IAYC Comes of Age:  A Tribute to Yiddish  

The International Association of Yiddish Clubs (IAYC) started in 1993 as a small grass-roots movement, and blossomed into a major group on the international Yiddish scene. It bears the joys and responsibilities of preserving and fostering our Yiddish language and culture.

With the Statue of Liberty, the port of entry for most Jews entering the United States, the Lower East Side nearby and the rich resources of organizations and Yiddishists to draw from, and upon—this will be a conference not to miss.

Exciting—because it is in the New York City area. The conference site is at Teaneck, NJ near the George Washington Bridge. Buses stopping at the hotel go to and from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan.

Because of the high quality of the programs, the accommodations and the excellent location, this will be only the second time that we expect to be overbooked—in Miami we had to turn away over 150 latecomers. Also an expanded journal will permit individuals, Yiddish clubs and organizations to be included and honored at this—our tenth conference.


The Marriott at Glenpointe in Teaneck, NJ is a first rate hotel. We have been able to reserve a limited number of rooms at only $99 plus tax, per room, per night. To get the special rate, at the time you make the reservation, you must mention the IAYC conference.

The format will be to start each morning with a plenary session and a very special all-morning plenary closing out on Sunday.

After the opening morning plenary there will be a morning and two afternoon sessions with 5 workshop/lectures going on simultaneously. The plenary lecturers and performers are exceptional. The 30 presenters are dynamic speakers and come from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Along with your dining pleasure each evening there will be an entirely different array of performers, culminating in the Saturday night Workmen’s Circle Gala Banquet.

An expanded journal will permit individuals, Yiddish clubs and organizations to be included and honored at this very special conference.

There will be over 20 exhibitor/vendor outside of the ballroom, featuring the largest display of exhibits and for-sale merchandise of any of the previous IAYC conferences.

Last Updated on 6/6/06

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