List of Conference Presenters and Topics

Roz Baker Sharing Yiddish Club Programming Ideas —A Panel
Sabell Bender – “Oy He Left Me For My Sister”—Yiddish Melodramas
Prof. Chaim Berman Yiddish Schools and the Labor and Radical Movements
Kolye Borodulin – Experiments with Culture in Birobidzhan
Dr. Zack Chayet Di Yidn fun Meksike
Adrienne Cooper
New Yiddish Songs from Around the World
Debby Davis – The Life and Music of Molly Picon
Vivian Felsen
Czernowitz and the Early Jewish Immigrants to N. America
Sonia Pressman Fuentes Mayne Yidishe Tate-Mame (My Jewish Parents)
Dr. Amelia Glaser Remembering the Old Country in the Old Country
Dr. Itzik Gottesman Khanike and Christmas in Yiddish Folklore
Troim Katz Handler The Songs of Mark M. Warshawsky (1840-1907)
Frank Handler Vladimir Medem: Non-Jewish Jew and Yiddishist
Hershl Hartman Yiddish Surge in Current Hollywood Films
Rachel Leah Jablon – Yizker Bikher, Rhetoric, and Jewish Identity
Miriam Koral
The Passionate Ones: Yiddish Women Poets
Drs. Sandy Lakoff and Dr. Elie A. Shneour –
The Life and Work of Zalman Shneour
Peter Louis The Jews of South Africa
Prof. Meinhard Mayer – Yiddish and German Poets from Czernowitz
Cantor Hale Porter
Yiddish Theater’s Influence on Music & Culture in America
Ron Robboy On the Trail of Der Yidisher Kauboy
Prof. Joel Schechter –
Yiddish Theater in the 1930s in America
Dr. Julius Scherzer
Growing Up in Czernowitz
Harold Ticktin The Roots of Jewish Humor
Prof. Robert Zelickman The History of Recorded Klezmer Music 1908-2008
Rokhl Zucker Yiddish Radio (Haynt)
Dr. Barney Zumoff
My Experience as a Yiddish Translator

Teachers' Panels: IAYT

I Archie Barkan: Moderator and 4 Teachers Using Music in Teaching Yididsh
II Prof. Iosif Vaisman : Moderator and 4 Teachers Content - Curriculum - Computer
III Miriam Koral: Moderator and 4 Teachers Pedagogical Methodology
IV Adrienne Cooper: Moderator and 4 Teachers Where Do We Go From Here?

Yiddish Club Panel: IAYC
I Roz Baker: Moderator and 4 Club Leaders Proven Yiddish Programming Ideas