Yiddish Teachers: Heroes Then and Now

International Association of Yiddish Clubs IAYC – 2003 Conference

September 4, 5, 6, 7, 2003 Pikesville Hilton Baltimore, MD

Honor Your Yiddish Teacher

8th IAYC Conference Updates

Program Agenda

SYLVIA SCHILDT, Conference Chair

TED (Tevye) CHASKELSON, Treasurer

For Immediate Release:

It is with great joy that we open the registration for the eighth conference of the International Association of Yiddish Clubs, an organization dedicated to promoting  and maintaining the uplifting values of Yiddish language, literature and culture.

Every conference  has its own  character. In this one  we are going  back to the roots of our Yiddishkayt by saluting our Yidishe Lerers, those hardy, talented individuals who gave so much  of  themselves as well as those today who are continuing  this tradition. We also especially invite those who attended the Yidishe shules and summer camps to this freylikhe simkhe of reunion.  Our lerers and lererins would have kvelled at what we have in store for Sept. 4, 5, 6 and 7th, in 2003.

Our keynote speaker will be Gella Schweid Fishman who established the Secular Schools in America Collection at Stanford University (California) collection, who will speak on the topic:

The Secular Yiddish Schools in North America:

An Archival Collection as a Living Source of Jewish Creativity

Our closing speaker will be David Weintraub, Executive Director of the Dora Teitelbaum Center for Yiddish Culture, who will share with us insights into their work to return Yiddish language and culture  into the mainstream of Jewish life in Southern Florida. Highlights include:

• International singer/khazn Avi Albrecht, who sings Yiddish songs  with harts & neshome

• The world premiere of MOLLY! This icon brought to life by Klezmer vocalist/violinist Rebekka Weinstein

• A musical salute to Mikhl Gelbart with Lori Cahan Simon

• An ongoing  reunion of  shule and summer camp  alumni  (bring pictures, show and tell goodies)

• The big band sounds  of the Baltimore Klezmer Orchestra

• The unique music of Baltimore's wildly popular Charm City Klezmer

• An exhibit of unique & personal MOLLY PICON MEMORABILIA with collector Irwin Kramer

• Tours  of Baltmore's world-famous Inner Harbor attractions

• A special tour of historic and very unique Jewish Baltimore

Plus 32 workshops featuring old favorites and new discoveries. Here is just  a forshpayz: Troim Katz Handler, Miriam Beckerman, Herman Taube, Morrie Feller, Judith Seid, William Tenn,  Sholem Berger, Motl Rosenbush, Anna Gonshor, and many, many more to be announced. Some in Yiddish, some in English, some in both. Yiddish classes, beginner to advanced, will also be offered.

The Conference will take place at the beautiful Hilton Pikesville Hotel in the heart of the hospitable  Jewish Community with nearby restaurants (including kosher) and shuls of all denominations.  Jewish Baltimore is being recognized as the Yerushalayim d'Amerika. It is also the hometown of Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah, and the girlhood home of Yiddish actress Bessie Thomashevsky.

Baltimore is easily accessible by plane (BWI) and by Amtrak. Its strategic location makes it an easy drive from Washington and Virginia, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, as well as the NY/NJ metro areas.

The hotel is comfortable yet intimate with a host of amenities including a restaurant, a sports bar for light fare, indoor tennis, a fitness center, even an on-site beauty salon.

Sal Klugers Simkha Sales will be on hand with books, tapes, and CD's--plus a selection of Yiddish educational materials.

For those with shpilkes, Baltimore is a great town to visit. The Inner Harbor with its shops and restaurants draws millions of visitors every year. There are also art museums, the National Aquarium, the U.S.S. Constellation, the Maryland Science Center, the Babe Ruth Museum, the Flag House, Camden Yards and nearby Fort McHenry (birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner) to name but a few.

With a lineup like this at such a prime location, you can readily expect the limited spaces to fill up long before the conference closing dates. So the smart move is to make your reservations NOW. Prices will go up after July 1st but the prime reason to act now is to be sure you are not left out.

And as a special treat for our attendees, the Conference Committee will give you GELT. Yes, special coupons will save you money at local restaurants and shops near the hotel.

To register fill out the enclosed form and mail it to:

IAYC Conference, Attn: Ted Chaskelson

        47 Penny Lane

        Baltimore, MD 21209

Make checks payable to IAYC 2003 Conference

To lock in your hotel reservation at the special conference rate of 95.00 (+13% tax) (for one or two persons) call this direct toll-free number Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 Eastern Time.

For questions call Sylvia Schildt, 410-298-4765 or e-mail: creativa@charm.net.

Mit vareme yidishe grusn,