Pleas to Der Eybishter

Every so often a word comes back from my childhood and reminds me of Mama.  It may be a smell from my Serke’s cooking, a sound of an animal, or a sight in nature during my many strolls.  Often it is a return to bed from one of my nightly trips when I am only half awake.  I turn on the lights and write down the precious word so that it isn’t lost before morning.

Last night the word was laydn—to suffer, to have misery.  Mama used it as not having enough food or money.  Most of all she used it in her pleas to Der Eybishter (one of many terms for G-d).  It was not for herself but for her boys.

I guess Mama was superstitious because it always came out during one of those rare times when we had good luck.  She thought that it meant bad luck would follow.  Things could not be good for any length of time.  It seemed that there was always some bad news around the corner.  Mama had lived through so many bad times that it seemed always to be inevitable.

When a Yiddish word comes back from my childhood, it brings my thoughts back to those days when times were different.  Those were tough times, but there always was Mama.  She was one strong lady.

My Mama’s Yiddish words keep reverberating off the walls of my being.  They make me smile, sometimes they make me sad—always they return her to me for a bit—my Mama’s Yiddish words.

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