Twin Boys

A year and a week after Fishl was born (September 17, 1926) Mama gave birth to twin boys.  In 53 weeks, Mama gave birth to three sons!

Papa told me he was very proud because his mama also had three boys ­­­­– Uncle Mike, Uncle Al and Papa.

It also must have been a joyous time for Zeyde.  That was what we boys called Mama’s father.  Papa’s father was called Grandpa.

 Mama’s family members were the Greenhorns and Papa’s family snobs were the Yenkis.  Yes, thirteen years later and several miscarriages or abortions, baby Semele arrived on the farm.

The joke in the family was based on my selfishness on taking second stage when the twins came along.  Mama still nursed me while nursing the twins—all three of us. 

Mama said I was very smart and started to speak at a very early age. 

Because of my extreme jealousy, I became very possessive of Mama and did not want to share her with the twins.  I began saying, “My titty, my titty.”