Signals from G-d

Mama received a message from G-d when she needed help with her boys.  We could argue with her up to a point, but when she called Him in that was too much for us.  This carried through even later on when we graduated from elementary and went on to high school.  All of our school-learned debating techniques were to no avail.

First, there was the genosn (sneezed) that meant it was the truth, and our earlobe was pulled.  To this day I do not know if there is a good medical reason for it.  However, her most powerful ammunition came with her uttering gegenetst.  “Uh, du host gegenetst, du darfst itst geyn shlofn” (Oh, you yawned, you need to go to sleep.)

Just like many other children we boys wanted to stay up later—that’s what grownups do, so it must be good.  It usually happened when we formed a semi-circle around the tall Philco radio that stood on four legs.  It was in the evening and the program was The Shadow.  When the voice said, “The Shadow knows,” we actually got goose pimples from fright.

Mama watched us for a sign.  When one of us yawned, she invoked her mighty weapon, “Uh, du host gegenetst, du darfst itst geyn shlofn.”

Of course there were lesser instances that included brushing our teeth and washing our hands. 

Mama had signals from G-d.