“Zorg Nisht”

When things went wrong and the family was down in its luck, Mama was the shining light—the buoyant force.  She was also the soothing force in our home.  She was like the Rock of Gibraltar. 

Her faith never wavered in Der Eybershter (G-d).

We have heard, “Whatever will be, will be.” It’s Que sera, sera, Doris Day’s signature song in Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Mama sometimes said that “Ergernish iz azoy vi mentshn, vos mer me gebn zey, di grese zey vaksn.  (Worries are like people, the more you feed them the fatter they get.)

Another one of Mama’s sayings was, “Ergernish kumt fun erger.” Grief comes from worry.”

Mama had many others, but most have slipped by.  My favorite was somewhat akin to the scout motto, “Greyt zikh,” (get ready, be prepared, it’s okay or, “It’s for the best.”) Mama said, “Everything is okay, and if it is not okay, it’s okay too.”

Maybe, after going through all that she did in World War I in Tiktin (in Polish, Tykocin) Poland, she had seen it all.  “What new tricks could He have for me?” That optimism and positive attitude was passed on to her four boys.