Di Mame Fregt (Mama Asks )

Fishele, vos tustu (Fishele, what are you doing?) Ikh her nisht fun dir (I don’t hear from you.) Du shraybst nisht tsu mir (You don’t write to me.) Du telefonirt nisht azoy vi amol (You do not telephone the way you used to.) Ikh ze du nisht (I do not see you.) Dertseyl mir vos geyt mit ale dayne arbet un organizatsies (Tell me what is happening with all of your work and organizations.)

Mama, I’m sorry.  Your picture is on the mantle over the fireplace.  You remember the one with you and Papa.  That’s the one where you are wearing that hat that almost covers your eyes.  I used to not like it, but it seems to be special now.

Sally seems to be a little better and the kids and eyneklekh (grandchildren) are doing fine.  Now that Serke (Sally) is retired, it seems that I have less free time.

Mama my blind group’s website, newsletter and activities keep me busy and the Yiddish clubs are doing very well.  I know that there will be bad days, but somehow it all seems to work out. 

Mama, I miss you and promise to see you soon.