Shtrof Nisht Mayn Kinder

It is so important that I make you happy.  Your sons were your whole life.  Nothing was more valuable to you than your four boys.  They all raised wonderful children. 

Bobby is with you and must have told you all about them.

If I were sure that you could see me, hear me and know what was going on, you would be pleased that your granddaughter is carrying on my work.

No, I did not become a famous rabbi—not even an ordinary one.

Papa took us over the river to Jersey as there was no yeshiva near our farm.  I did become a bar mitsve and put on t’filn (phylacteries) until I was 19.

Mama thirty years I spent in the classroom teaching children not only to learn the sciences, but more important to be honest, treat each other with respect and be kind to those less fortunate.

Many times the class lecture was suspended so that there was time to show how one of the students was hurt by an unkind word or deed. 

These were my most rewarding moments.  Years later when they came back to visit over and over they told me so.

Mama your grandchildren are all grown up and have children of their own.  In each case, you would be proud of them, for they are kind and loving.

Your hard work in raising us has borne good fruit I still remember your unending prayer, “G-t, shtrof nisht mayne kinder” (G-d, don’t harm my children).  Mama, I hope you are proud of me.