On a Scale from “A” to “F”

Everything and everyone was carefully evaluated and rated.  Mama was extremely judgmental. This was especially true for anyone or anything that was new to her.  She had devised her own original rating system.  It consisted of a combination of only a few words, but nice was always at the core of it. 

Whenever Mama wanted to say something positive, she used the term nice.  It could refer to the weather (nice day), her children (nice boys), egg layers (nice birds), a good milker (nice cow), Roosevelt (nice man) and Clark Gable (nice actor).

Words like terrible, bad, poor, fair, good, great, wonderful, magnificent and tremendous were not part of her vocabulary.  These adjectives were replaced by really and very.

The rating system went like this.

Really very nice A
Very nice B
Nice C
Not so nice D
Not nice F

It is said that, “All rules have an exception.” Mama’s exception was so, so.  It was a non-judgmental—a non-committal reply.  She used it in late life when we asked her, “Mama, how do you feel?” Her answer was always, “So, so.”  Mama was a nice lady.