“Go Ask G-d”

Mama never went to college or even high school.  Her answers to each of our questions came from a different life.  Those answers are not found in our college textbooks.

Mama had an answer to every question.  When all else failed her, she turned to G-d.

“Mama, why don’t chickens have belly buttons?”  To this day, that’s the first question I remember asking.

Mama never said, “I don’t know,” or “That’s a stupid question.”

“Go ask G-d."

When I said, “He is not here”

She responded “He wrote it in the bible.”

“Mama, not every answer is in the bible.  I can’t find when President Abe Lincoln was born in the bible.”

“That’s why you go to school.  There are books, and you need to study.  It’s all in the books.  You have to study.”

Mama never said, “Go ask Papa.”  Mama was wise.

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