IAYC XI Conference Presenters
preliminary listing

Roz Baker – Programming for Yiddish Clubs—A Workshop
Miriam Beckerman – Yiddish Translator’s Workshop
Cookie Blattman – A Yidishe Shtunde
Sabina Brukner - The Exciting KlezKamp Experience
Adrienne Cooper – New Yiddish Songs from Around the World
Vivian Felsen & Prof. Yoshiji Hirose – Yidish in Yapan
Dr. Raphael Finkel – Oysgeblozn fun finger: mir shafn a nay folkslid
Rina Frankel – The 3 Great Classic Yiddish Writers: Similarities & Differences
Sonia Pressman Fuentes
How Being An Immigrant Affected My Life
Daniel Galay – Yiddish in Israel - Present and Perspectives
Ruth Goodman
–Jewish Life in the Middle Ages, Video, Power Point
Troim Katz Handler – The Songs of Mordecai Gebirtig
Frank Handler – Vladimir Medem: Non-Jewish Jew and Yiddishist
Debbie Herman – Creative Yiddish
Prof. Yoshiji Hirose - A Japanese Professor in Search of Yiddish, a “Meshugener”?
----The Symbolic Meaning of Yiddish in Pearl Abraham's Novels
Heather Klein - Cantors and Opera Singers from the Shtetl to La Scala
Frank Krasnowsky - Jewish History through Yiddish Music
Fishl Kutner - Jewish Storytelling for Fun and Money
Marcia Gruss Levinsohn
– Yiddish Kids in Action
Sean Martin – The Jews of Krakow, Poland
Cantor Hale Porter – Yiddish Theater’s Influence on Music & Culture in America
Dr. Arnold Reisman – Turkey's Rescue of Jewish Intellectuals 1933-1945
"Lil Rev" – The History of Jewish Music
Hilda Rubin – Lomir Shpiln Teater: Di Khelemer Naronim
Boris Sandler – Fraynd fun forverts, fraynd fun yidish
Jack Saul
– Jews in Vaudville
Helen Smolkin – Learning Yiddish Through Music
Bert Stratton – Mickey Katz From Cleveland
Harold Ticktin – Bolsheviks and Bundists
Annabelle Weiss – Born to Kvetch by Michael Wex—A Critique